July 2014 – Aroma Siez – Muscles Spasms and More!

Aroma Siez  –  Perfect Essential Oil for Muscles Spasms and More!

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Aroma Siez Essential Oil is an excellent blend for muscles and headaches. It promotes circulation and detoxification of the lymphatic system as well.

I always reach for this blend when I have a spastic muscle. It is one of the oils used during Raindrop Technique for this reason.

This is an easy reference guide for Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend. It will tell you how to use your oil blend and what to use it for. It will also provide you with some fun tips and testimonials!

As I receive new tips and testimonials they will be added to the page, so check back frequently!

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Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend™

What is in Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend?

There are five different oils in this blend. They are listed below along with a brief description of each oil.

  • Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum) is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps with muscle spasm. It is good for voluntary and involuntary muscle groups.
  • Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum majorana) is antibacterial and antiseptic. It smoothes muscle tissue and relieves muscle spasms, headaches and calms the nerves.
  • Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) has analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties. It helps to relieve stress, sore muscles, menstrual cramps and nervous tension in the body.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and pain blocking properties.
  • Cypress Essential Oil (Cupresus sepmervirens) strengthens the vascular system. It increases circulation and supports detoxification of the lymphatic system.

Do you want more information about the individual oil? Go to www.ylscents.com/GoldBerg and  click on the name of the oil to find out other interesting information such as:

  • What Part of the Plant is Used?
  • What is an ORAC Value?
  • What is the ORAC of the Oil?
  • What are the Plant Properties and Uses?
  • Where is the Name derived from?
  • The Most Interesting Historical Reference?
  • And more!

What are the Documented Uses for Aroma Siez Essential Oil? Natural muscle relaxer for tight, inflamed muscles, relieves headaches and charlie horses.

What Body Systems are Affected? Muscle and Bone, and Respiratory System

What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? Invigorating yet calming.

What is the Spiritual Influence?

Supports us in releasing tension in the mind and body. Assists us in letting go of negative memories that are stuck on a cellular level. Helps us be consistent in our work or projects.

What Chakra is Affected? Opens the throat chakra.

How do I use it?

Use diluted – 50:50 dilution (one part essential oil: one part of vegetable or carrier oil). Then,

  • Apply several drops (2-4) to neck and back
  • Apply several drops (2-4) to ligaments or sore muscles
  • Apply to back of neck for stress or tension headaches
  • Apply to chakras/vitaflex points

Good oil for the First Aid Kit? Yes

Can this oil be used for pets? Yes, I use it for spastic muscles on horsesand dogs.

For horses, I dilute about 10 to 20 drops of essential oil with an once or two of vegetable oil depending on how big the horse is. And place it along the spine, especially up on the sacrum area where the sacroiliac joint is. If you want to really spoil your horse, place a warm, moist towel over the spinal area after applying the oil!

Note about animals: Certain oils can be very toxic to cats. Citrus products and oils in particular when they are not of therapeutic grade! Please consult your vet if you are not sure about applying any essential oil to your pet.

What are the Safety Precautions? Aroma Siez essential oil does not have any known contraindications. Do not use on children less than 18 months of age. Could result in skin irritation (dilution may be necessary).

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