PACKS_HydradvanceWater is an essential element for human beings and as the skin is one of the largest organs in the body, it makes sense that this concern needs to be kept in check. If dehydration is not rectified, other issues such as sensitivity or premature ageing can take hold. Dehydration can be seen on the skin in the appearance of fine striated lines, wrinkles that appear more obvious, the skin can look thin and translucent and generally it tends to feel quite tight and uncomfortable. This condition, diet, medications… the list is endless. The key is to understand what is causing the issue and deal with it accordingly.

Sothys has a unique and highly effective solution to deal with this ever common condition.

The Hydradvance™ program for dehydrated skin aims to promote the transfer of water from the deeper levels to the upper levels of the skin and maintain this moisture by improving the barrier function. Sothys’ boletus mushroom extract is the key active ingredient in this collection. Not only does it provide the most effective multi-functional hydration system but also potent antioxidants to prevent the signs of ageing. Hydration is immediate, barrier function is restored and the skins youthful appearance is protected and maintained.

follow Hydradvance™ Intensive Hydrating Serum
This intensive rapid-action serum is perfect for dehydrated skin, as it immediately moisturizes and stimulates the formation of the skin’s barrier function. The Serum works in tandem with the Hydradvance Hydrating Creams to boost overall results. This formula features Sothys’ exclusive H2CR® Complex – a combination of natural peptides and powerful plant antioxidants – to restore, detoxify, repair and reconstruct the epidermis.

buy generic ciprofloxacin tinidazole tablets Hydradvance™ Cream (in either Light or Comfort texture)
These creams provide a balancing action that maintains skin’s hydration day after day. They both contain Ophiopogon plant extract which regulates water transfer; this Asian evergreen is known for its ability to resist drought and capture water.